I took my family to a festival and got to relive my youth

Even though I frequented festivals in my late teens and early 20s, I haven’t been bold enough to bring my kids along. But now that they are 11 and 7, I finally felt confident enough to enjoy the event without constantly worrying about losing my children in the crowds. We leaped at the opportunity to attend Toyota UK’s C-HR Summer Escapade Experience at Camp Bestival in Shropshire when it was offered to me and my husband Dan.

The first family festival was held at Camp Bestival. Brightly coloured fabrics, ribbons, and flowers flow everywhere you turn in this exquisitely designed space. By day, you can find swarms of happy kids being entertained by shows like CBeebies, Mr. Maker, Dick and Dom, and Horrible Histories. Additionally, there is a skating track, a lake for paddling and wild swimming, circus skills, arts and crafts, and more. Adults can also find plenty of entertainment. At 4 o’clock on Friday, my 7-year-old daughter Nell and I spent an hour roller skating to drum and bass.

We all stopped at the centre of the site’s Toyota C-HR Summer Escapade Experience, where we were among the first in the UK to witness the new hybrid SUV Toyota C-HR. It’s definitely on my wish list.

The ideal vehicle for fun-loving families, especially festival weekends away, it is stylish, equipped with cutting-edge technology, and available in 1.8 and 2.0 litre hybrid electric models as well as a 2.0 litre plug-in hybrid version. Now all I have to do is persuade my husband to sell the cherished old estate he’s been driving for years.

I took my family to a festival and got to relive my youth
I took my family to a festival and got to relive my youth

As night falls, a classic festival atmosphere takes hold, complete with an excellent lineup on the Park Stage, the main stage, and the Big Top, the dance tent. Well-known DJ Rob Da Bank started Camp Bestival, and his passion for dance music is evident throughout the entire album. On Friday night, the main stage included performances by Rudimental and Confidence Man, while other venues featured Utah Saints and Leroy Thornhill (the Prodigy). The DJ set by Groove Armada on the main stage on Saturday night was one of the highlights of the whole festival.

And kids are present as all of the aforementioned drama unfolds. Little arms wave in the strobe lights as toddlers are hoisted onto shoulders in the dance tent, swaying up and down to the beat of their fathers’ dancing. Larger children perform moves with the same vigour as their former clubber parents.

There are very few adults who go without kids, and avoiding the hundreds of waggons full of kids who are being hauled around by their parents while either sleeping or enjoying the journey takes skill. Flip flops are dangerous to wear.

That is what makes Camp Bestival so lovely. While having fun with their family, parents get to recall their youth. In the middle to late 1990s, I attended university in London and spent far too much time clubbing rather than learning. I remembered who I used to be when having fun was my top goal, and it was even more precious to be able to share it with my kids. I got to dance in a dark tent with my arms raised again. Dan, my husband, had a great day on Saturday. He went all out with two fancy dress costumes—a tiger in the morning and a squid in the afternoon—for the wildlife fancy dress theme.

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There are several activities to engage in during the break after all that dancing. You can sign up for a wild run, rent a hot tub, visit a sleep retreat, practise yoga or even perform a little bit of meditation. There are many, different, and as nutritious (or not) food stalls as you’d like. If pizza and hamburgers are your preferred menu items, you are covered. You’re in luck if, however, acai bowls, buddha bowls, and healthy cocktails are more your style.

After finishing our workout with Mr. Motivator on the main stage, we saw the Lionesses in the World Cup Final in front of a large crowd of spectators. We weren’t quite able to have the weekend come to a fairytale conclusion as we had intended. The nicest few days I’ve had in years, though, were not diminished by it.

We eagerly anticipate next year.

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