How to marry a Saudi girl?

For foreigners residing in Saudi Arabia, this is an excellent chance to locate a Saudi woman to marry and guarantee their indefinite residence in the country.

This is how it works;

Saudi Girl For Marriage
Saudi Girl For Marriage

Step 1: Look for a Saudi woman to marry.

Many foreigners are curious in how to locate a Saudi woman for marriage. My brothers, please remember that Saudi women who are single or divorced are not available for marriage on the internet, so stop looking for them.

Someone who does not align with the strong traditions, culture, and values that Saudis hold dear would be detrimental to their society.

It is difficult to comprehend one another and, consequently, discover a suitable Saudi girl for marriage because of restrictions on men and women mixing.

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Step 2: Fulfill eight requirements to wed a Saudi woman.

The Saudi government has outlined extremely stringent requirements for marrying a Saudi woman. If any of the following requirements are not satisfied, the right to marry is not given;

1. For Saudi men to marry non-Saudi women, they must be between the ages of 40 and 65.

2. The minimal age is reduced in the event of a person with a physical disability or unique needs, such as being born to unidentified parents.

3. Foreign women and Saudi women should not be more than 15 years apart in age.

4. If a foreigner has previously married or is married to a Saudi woman, they cannot get married to each other again.

5. For a Saudi woman to marry a non-Saudi guy, she must be between the ages of 25 and 50.

6. A Saudi woman is not allowed to wed a Huroob or someone who is prohibited from entering Saudi Arabia.

7. A foreign national must not be stateless and possess a valid ID card from their home country that at least validates their detailed nationality for a minimum of 12 months.

Saudi Girl For Marriage
Saudi Girl For Marriage

Step 3: Send the marriage application to the office of Amara.

The Saudi girl will now go to the Amara office to ask for approval to marry a foreigner. She must ensure that the following documents are all attached.

1. A letter of request to His Royal Highness the Prince of the area from the Saudi girl’s guardian.

2. A copy of the groom’s birth certificate, passport, and Iqama.

3. The groom’s employment verification letter, officially certified by the Chamber of Commerce, attests to his pay.

4. A Declaration by the groom that he has never married a Saudi woman, as confirmed by two Saudi citizens.

5. The groom’s police clearance certificate.

6. The bride’s police clearance certificate.

7. The groom needs to present the marriage certificate if he is married to a non-Saudi woman.

8. A copy of the girl’s passport or Saudi identity card.

9. In the event that the petitioner is a widow or divorced woman, a copy of her death certificate or divorce decree must be submitted.

9. The bride’s employment verification letter, which was properly validated by the Chamber of Commerce, details her pay (working woman).

10. Saudi Girl’s GOSI certificate.

11. Evidence of the lady applicant’s accommodations, attested to by the police and mayor (ownership deed and renting agreement).

12. Send in the prospective couple’s medical report from a government hospital that has been authorized.

13. Report on the groom’s drug test.

A signed declaration from the Saudi girl stating that she would not be applying for Saudi citizenship with her husband and kids.

Step 4: Getting the MOI approval

You will have to wait patiently to hear from the Ministry of Interior regarding approval or rejection after submitting all the necessary paperwork to the girl’s residence’s Amarah office.

It could take two months to two years, depending on the circumstances. Proceed to the following step upon receipt of the approval.

Step 5: Fill out the Marriage Form

In order to marry a non-Saudi male, the Saudi girl must now complete the form found on the Ministry of Justice website;

Go to the MOJ website:

Select “إنشاء عقد زواج.”

Choose the area based on your location.

Provide the relevant details in the form.

Step 6: The formal Marriage

The following individuals must be present at the time and date of the marriage that the Ministry of Justice has set: a Saudi girl, an expat man, and



The Guardian of the Bride.

Two people who testified.

It is necessary that you see Qazi’s secretary. The secretary will verify that all written names match those on residence permits and ensure that the application submitted electronically is accurate.

Additionally, he will guarantee that the five individuals listed above are in fact present in the hallway. He will then ask you to wait in the designated area for your turn.

You must be active at that moment since the Qazi’s office will call the groom’s name after a while. After all five people have entered the room, Qazi will question each person privately.

Regarding acceptance of marriage, he will question the bride and the groom. Additionally, he would inquire of the bride’s father as to whether he has received the Mahar.

It is crucial to understand that the bride’s father needs to attest to receiving the Mahar in this situation. If not, he will request that the groom pay the Mahar before attending the wedding.

If all goes according to plan, the Qazi will congratulate the bride and groom on their marriage in Saudi Arabia.

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