This time, Taiwan warned China to counterattack

Tensions between China and the territory’s government over Taiwan have been going on for a long time. Even Beijing has no shortage of efforts to connect this valley with mainland China. In this situation, Taiwan has warned China to counterattack.

Taiwan announced this on Wednesday. Kharab Reuter

Taiwan said on Wednesday it would exercise its right to self-defense and “retaliate” if Chinese armed forces enter its territory. The warning came after Beijing increased its military presence near the island.

Beijing claims the democratically governed Taiwan as its own territory. Following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei earlier this August, the country conducted unprecedented military exercises around the island.

Less than two weeks after Pelosi’s visit, a delegation of US lawmakers visited Taiwan. After that, China again started military exercises around the island.

Taiwan’s defense officials say China’s continued “massive” military patrols near Taiwan and Beijing’s desire to bisect the Taiwan Strait into an “inland sea” will become a major source of instability in the region.

“We have 12 nautical miles of sea and airspace, and the national military will exercise its right of self-defense and counterattack without any concessions to any aircraft or ship that enters this limit,” Lin Wen-huang, deputy chief of operations and planning of Taiwan’s General Staff, told reporters at a press conference. .’

Taiwan has also complained that Chinese drones have repeatedly flown around small Taiwanese islands off China’s coast. Lin Wen-huang says Taiwan’s military will exercise the same right to “retaliate” against Chinese drones. If you don’t leave the area after basically being warned, that action will be taken.

According to a BBC report, Taiwan’s armed forces are well-equipped but nowhere near superpower China. Taiwan’s current government has embarked on a program to modernize its military while also prioritizing increased defense spending.

Incidentally, after the Communists seized power in China in 1949, Taiwan was separated from the mainland. However, Beijing has always considered Taiwan a province of its own. Since then, Taiwan has been governed by its own government.


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