Even a few years ago, smartphone brands did not place much emphasis on audio quality. Rather, brands were more focused on bringing different types of headphones or earphones to the market. Smartphone technology has evolved a lot over time and user expectations from smartphone brands have also increased; Especially, in terms of adding different and advanced features to smartphones. When buying a smartphone, many buyers prioritize the quality of the phone; In particular, for those who rely on smartphones for entertainment or educational activities rather than headphones or earphones for good sound, a smartphone with good sound quality is essential. Stereo sound quality is not uncommon in smartphones these days, rather this feature is a common expectation of buyers in premium and mid-range category phones.

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Nowadays, the awareness of consumers about the quality of smartphone audio has increased more than before. In this situation, smartphone manufacturers are adding new technologies to their devices to ensure better quality sound for customers. In doing so, promising results have also been seen. This is due to the use of powerful new hardware chips, which have improved audio playback and sound processing algorithms.

It is timely that smartphone brands add better sound quality for consumers. With the gradual increase in Spotify and Netflix users in the country, the demand for good quality audio systems in smartphones has also increased. According to management consulting firm PI Strategy, Netflix had 2 lakh subscribers in Bangladesh at the end of 2019. The country has seen promising digital growth in the past few years. Mainly, this growth has been fueled by affordable prices of mobile data and smartphones. By doing this, the OTT platform has grown both locally and globally. One thing is clear that the entire digital entertainment sector has become huge and the sector has huge potential to grow in the next few decades. These two things will create an opportunity for smartphone users to enjoy content seamlessly.

Along with the advancement in technology, there has also been a change in the behavioral habits of consumers in buying and using phones. People’s lives in the 21st century are very busy. In this context, people expect to enjoy content in any situation. In this changing scenario, smartphone brands are using stereo features as an additional feature in high-end (higher budget) phones and smartphone manufacturers are also using micro speakers on the top and bottom of the phone. When users view something with a stereo-enhanced phone display, their audio listening experience will also be greatly improved with the ‘stereo’ feature; Because, these phones have a speaker on both sides.

Smart device manufacturers are trying to add different types of features to the phones according to the changing needs of the customers. Phones have now replaced televisions, gaming consoles and other digital entertainment tools. Today’s unprecedented innovation is accelerating this change (increasing smartphone usage). With the ever-increasing technology, various smartphone brands are using ‘larger and sharper’ resolution screens in their flagship and budget-friendly phones. Combining quality audio and visuals in smartphones is an integral part of these new technologies. Basically, users today want to use a phone that provides a comfortable screen and clear sound while enjoying content.


For example, leading tech brand Oppo has brought a similar stereo sound system to its users through its exclusive dual-box A57 smartphone series. There is a dual-box for A57 series phone users. Additionally, the device features an ultra-linear stereo sound setup with an asymmetric design; Where Dirac 3.0 technology is used, it ensures excellent sound quality by reducing ambient noise. This unique sound system ensures great sound, volume and relatively low battery cover vibration. Oppo has developed an optimized magnetic circuit (with air gap) for the A57 device, where the diaphragm material has been customized to achieve low-frequency performance of up to about 3 decibels.

Today, many smart-gadget manufacturers around the world like Oppo are adding excellent audio quality and huge screens to add an extra dimension to the device. Sound quality is one of the things that users expect to improve over time in smartphones.

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