Lifestyle Desk : The secret of the woman’s mind could not be saved Well, well, Munirishi. Men don’t know what they want. As a result, it is difficult to know what thoughts, desires, and dislikes arise in the mind of women.


Know some pointers for women-

1. When a woman wakes up, she repeatedly tries to touch the man of her choice.

 2. If ice cream, coffee or any other food is stuck on the lips of Prana, it cleans it.

 3. Try to be very intimate and hug.

 4. Sitting on the back of the bike and holding the man of life.

5. Appeared in a very provocative outfit.

But even today many men know less in particular fields. Because of their lack of proper education in particular moments. Even today it is not going well in our country. As a result, either by hearing from elders, or reading books containing wrong information, men form the concept of physical needs.

Men grow up with many misconceptions about the female body while developing this concept. Later he breaks the mistake right. But the lack of physical education cannot be denied in any way. It is a misconception that men have nested in their minds?

1. Women have no body hair. Many men initially have this idea. Male body is hairy due to hormones. Female body is not hairy like that. Women also resort to modern methods of removing hair from the parts of the body where it can be seen.

As a result, the idea is formed that women do not have pubic hair. In fact, it is completely meaningless. On the contrary, this hairstyle is important in terms of physical satisfaction. Most men remain in the dark on this whole subject due to misconceptions.

2. According to their own preferences, they also put girls in a mold. But really not all girls like these. It also causes them many difficulties. Because men are not aware of that difficulty, misconceptions are created about the thorax. Based on this idea, men do many things, so that women get into trouble later.

3. Again, many men think that every woman probably leaks breast milk at some point. Men have no idea about the hormonal changes that take place in a woman’s body after childbirth. No knowledge about breast milk is also presented to them. As a result, this unusual idea takes root in men’s minds.

4. Men also have many misconceptions about women’s menstrual pain. First, because of reforms, it is not discussed in front of men. (According to custom in South India, women do not even face men during this time). As a result, men are confused about this issue. However, in giving birth to a child, women as well as men should be equally aware of this cycle. Men lag behind in that area.



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