A Jewish employee of the company named Ariel Koren has announced his resignation after complaining that the American multinational technology company Google is trying to stop the voice of Palestinians. He said that he will resign from the search engine company this week. Al Jazeera news.

Ariel Koren, a Jewish girl, is serving as Google’s marketing manager and marketing management officer. He announced his resignation in a Twitter message on Wednesday (August 31).

As the reason for leaving his job, Koren said that he and Palestinian activists were being cornered at work for participating in campaigns and social activities in support of Palestine. He also mentioned Google’s agreement with Israel on artificial intelligence as the reason.

In a Twitter message, Koren said that those among the workers who are protesting are being treated with hostility. For this reason, I am leaving Google this week.

He also said, “I was transferred abroad by Google after opposing an agreement with Israel on artificial growth surveillance. And this is not an isolated incident.

The recent controversy over Google started more than a year ago. Google made a $1.2 billion contract with the Israeli army and Jeff Bezos’ Amazon called ‘Project Nimbus’.

Koren has been leading protests to force Google to pull out of the deal. Not only that, he is doing everything from communicating with the company’s executives to talking to the media.

Coren says that instead of taking his concerns into consideration, Google gave him an ultimatum in November last year. It is said that either he will stop the protests or he will have to be transferred from San Francisco to Sao Paulo, Brazil. If you do not agree to that, you will lose your job.

Earlier last year, Google fired artificial intelligence (AI) researcher Timnit Gebru and another employee, April Christina Curley. Two engineers resigned from Google in protest. They are the company’s Director of Customer Security David Baker and Software Engineer Vinesh Kannon.

Baker worked at the company for 16 years before resigning. In a resignation letter in January last year, Baker said Gebru’s departure had ended his desire to stay at Google. “We cannot ignore the apparent silence of many within our own borders after saying we believe in diversity,” he said.

Binesh Kannon quit his job after a few months of unemployment. He said, “Google has treated Gebru and Carli unfairly.” Gebru and Carli were two black female colleagues at Google. “They were not treated properly,” Kannon said.


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