My childhood was taken away: Paris Hilton

American TV personality Paris Hilton has revealed that she was sexually harassed at school as a child. A couple of years ago, the YouTube documentary made about him highlighted various harassments, but this is the first time this model has complained about sensitive issues like sexual harassment.‌

Just as some good memories remain forever in people’s lives, memories like nightmares cannot be erased even with many efforts throughout life.

In a recent interview, Paris shared a terrifying childhood experience. He alleged that he was sexually harassed while studying at a boarding school Paris Hilton is known by multiple identities. Model, businessman and author – this American billionaire woman is on the top list of famous people in the world.

Paris spent about 11 months at a Utah boarding school. Boarding school staff used to take all the girls to a room to check if any of the children were suffering from throat and neck problems, she said. 1990s. He was 17 years old then. Just entered teenage life. He could not understand many things.


Paris said, ‘It was three or four in the morning. The staff asked me and the other girls there to go to a separate room as there would be a physical examination. Those who were inside the house, none of them looked like a doctor.

He also said, ‘Only a few school staff were inside the house. They were laying down the girls and touching the sensitive parts of the body. I didn’t understand what was happening to me then. However, I was very scared.

Paris also said that this incident has haunted him for a long time. “After growing up, when I look back at my past, I realize that my childhood was taken away, I was sexually abused,” he said.

After the incident, Paris said about her mental state, “My childhood was killed.” It is still being done to innocent children. It’s important for them to open up about traumatic events because it will help stop bullying.”However, her school was not immediately available for comment on Paris’s allegations.



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