Mahesh Bhatt is one of the most famous directors in the Bollywood industry. He has gifted movie lovers one hit after another. The director’s name has been associated with several Bollywood divas since the beginning. But every time he dismissed all those matters as rumours. But recently an interview of a Pakistani actress has gone viral on the social media page, according to which the true nature of the director has come to the fore.

Everything is known from a Pakistani actress named Meera. Her real name is Irtiza Rubab. In 2005, he became known among the audience with the film Nazar. It was directed by Mahesh Bhatt’s wife Soni Razdan. According to Meera, the film was based on the life of a brave actress. The film did not gain much popularity among the audience. But the actress was liked by many. But from that time, Mahesh Bhatt used to pressure Meera to not work with any other director. However, this is known from the actress.

It is known from the actress’s words in the viral interview that once the actress received a film offer from one of the most famous directors of Bollywood, Subhash Ghai. At that time he did not want to miss the opportunity. Meera accepted the offer and agreed to act in the film. However, he said that the actress was tortured after going to the set. Perhaps, in the end, Meera did not act in that film anymore.

The actress also said that Mahesh Bhatt exploited her day after day and night after night. He has used him for his own interests. At the age of 45, she was trying to become an actress in Bollywood. And at that time Mahesh Bhatt was standing next to him. But instead, the actress admitted that he completely exploited her. He even loves her, the director says more than once. According to Meera, she has been absorbed day by day with her dream of becoming an actress. But recently, the true nature of the director has come to the fore based on his interview, which shocked most of the netizens. But just how true are Mira’s words! However, it has not been verified.


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