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Pori Moni News – Parimani kept the secret

Pori moni

Actress Pori Moni was released on bail from jail on September 1.
He went out and raised his hand and rejoiced .. At that time a message written in Mehedi in his hand caught everyone’s eye. It read, ‘Don’t Love Me Beach’.

Later, Pori Moni said that she had given the message to those who had treated her badly, who were not by her side in bad times with her share of good times.

Meanwhile, Pori Moni went to court on Wednesday (September 15) to appear.
At 11:55 a.m., Pori Moni appeared in the court of Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Satyabrata Sikder. As soon as he came to the court premises, he greeted the fans by raising his hands. Pori Moni’s hand was seen again, a message written in henna color.

But this time he has indicated differently. It says ‘I am more’. It is not yet known to whom the angel gave this special message and why. However, it can be assumed that his message is for the critics.


মদ না পেয়ে পরীমনির মিথ্যা নাটক – Pori Moni About

দেখুন যে ব্যবসা করে পরীমনি

It may be mentioned that RAB arrested Pori Moni from her home in Banani on August 4. A case was then filed against him under the Narcotics Control Act.
Since then, Pori Moni has been imprisoned in the police station and jail for a long time in that case.

In Bangladesh, I have been spending mysterious time for a long time, starting from YouTube to Facebook, this time many people are viral..

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