Lifestyle Desk: Are you smart? Do people praise you? And just being anointed with praise doesn’t mean you’re smart. Dress, grooming and speech are not the only important factors in measuring smartness. Personality, intelligence and many other factors have to be taken into consideration. You will have some noticeable characteristics to know whether you are smarter than others or not.

These symptoms are listed below for your convenience. A study by the US organization NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) has shown that tall children often get higher marks than others in tests. Tall children have more general knowledge.

Research in Psychological Science says that a good knowledge of musical instruments is one of the signs of intelligence. In the study, two different groups of children from two different classes of school were divided. Music is taught in a class. Visual arts are taught in other classes. Music-taught children show excellent verbal intelligence after 20 days.

In 2007, a study of 250,000 Norwegian soldiers found that the first children of parents have the highest intelligence. It may not be due to genetics, but rather due to parents paying more attention to the first child and less attention to the younger child.

According to a study in the British journal The Lancet, children who drink breast milk in the first year of birth are smarter and earn more than others. Conversely, those who were breastfed or bottled for less than a month had lower intelligence—behind others.

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A 2009 study of 18- to 21-year-old men found that smokers had lower intelligence than nonsmokers. Late night is a favorite time to work for some. Nocturnals have been found to be more intelligent, as they prefer a different environment to work.

There is no point in overthinking. However, one study found that people who worry more often have higher intelligence. Conversely, some people who don’t think, may sometimes score high on tests, but have low verbal intelligence.

Children who imagine Akash Kusum are more intelligent. Imagining is a symptom of an active brain. Such imagination may not be of any use. But it helps to wander in one’s own imagination. And this wandering has been highlighted in research as a positive example of fluid intelligence and creativity. People who are left-handed are very agile and intelligent. But there is no reason for the right-handers to despair. Because, time calculation knowledge is seen more among them.

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