Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra has always been an inspiration when it comes to fitness and attractive body.

Shilpa’s fitness is one of the shining examples of how new mothers can lose weight or maintain body fitness as they age.

Attractive body with the help of Shilpa

And with Shilpa launching her own channel on YouTube, the 47-year-old actress’ fitness secrets are a treat for everyone, especially those who find her a fitness inspiration.

This yoga expert regularly posts videos of simple exercises and healthy lifestyle tips on her YouTube channel. For those who do not go to the gym due to laziness or cannot find time to go to the gym due to busy schedules, this actress’ YouTube videos can be of great help.

Attractive body with the help of Shilpa
Attractive body with the help of Shilpa

This ‘Life in a Metro’ famous actress not only posts fitness related videos, but also posts videos of various types of healthy and delicious food preparation. Various types of Shilpa yoga can be done anywhere to build an attractive body. So you can keep yourself fit with the fitness queen of Bollywood.

Source: Indian Express


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